Wild apples
04th September 2017
Autumn is here
There's an apple tree growing with its toes in the river; I've been watching it for six years, and this year there's a bumper harvest of red apples - but are they crab apples or not?

Summer is really here
08th August 2017
This watercolour was in a lane on my last day in Mallorca with no sound except the beating of the sun and a kitten crying in thee hedge.
He had a stripey coat and a funny face - and a broken leg.

I got him to come out out with a tin cap of water, carried him up to the local farm and don't know what happened to him after that.

Craigmillar Castle
20th July 2017
The first time I went up the winding path from the hospital, it was snowing. There was the castle looking pink and grey and the black bones of the trees through the white snow-mist. But there were dogs, crows, robins and people braving the weather under the shelter of the castle.
The castle is like the hospital near it: a place of refuge in bad times and where people hope to regain mental hope and bodily balance. I went up there, looking for a place to make my imagination run. We all need a view or a window or picture to let our imagination out.

A commission by The Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh.

Rapeseed flower
30th June 2017
This was one of the cyanotypes I showed at the Art and Design Library which was wonderful to show at - mainly because of the light and the friendly and helpful staff.

I picked the flower and thought it was elegant and delicate; the petals were stiff and translucent and very yellow, like they'd soaked in the sun.

Craigmillar Castle
26th June 2017
I've been going up to Craigmillar since last Autumn gathering drawings and watercolours and mono prints.
Every time I go up I wonder who must have seen the 360 degree views and decided to make a castle there first.

Shop launch!
23rd June 2017
There's a shop launch happening tonight between 6 and 9 in Coburg House Art Studios where you can find my stuff as well as Javier photos and all the other goodies from the 80 artists in the building.

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